Sunday, January 12, 2014


Trying to keep the sadness at bay. I am continuing in most of my traditions. That visit to Florida was exactly what I needed to get me thru Christmas. My Christmas stuff is still up, but I am not stressing. Otis is traveling again, which adds to my sadness. I'll miss him. I will tackle the Christmas stuff and put it away right this year! It may be in March but, so what!

In keeping with traditions, I will be hosting an Ivey bash for the Golden Globes. Should be fun, I love getting catty with all the Ivey women, and maybe some of the men. I am sharing a recipe that I have been using forever...

This is exactly where I wrote it when I got tired of looking for the recipe EVERY TIME I wanted to make it.about 12 years ago..It's in the back of my favorite, most used cookbook. Thanks MEL!

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