Monday, January 6, 2014


So 1/2 of our quartet made it home. I was a nervous wreck waiting, monitoring, texting, and Face booking with friends at home who were up. I was trying to arrange a ride home for BobKat, who were on the plane. We, Bill & I, took advantage of the 77 degree temp & sunshine. We went to the pool, he swam, i stood. Got some sun, then went to visit Casey & Janet & Sean. We watched the game, and a buncha drunken ass ladies until they were too much.(Sean recorded them, Youtube gold, he said.) Hit the road back to the hotel, got off the expressway in a sketchy part of town for gas, and managed to get back on the expressway without any incidents. Back to Tampa Airport Marriott, whew, and a good nights sleep. Hopefully Spirit (the nickel/dime airline) will get us home to Ohare today. 

Cross your fingers. 

Some day I'll figure out how to place the pictures properly. for now, I just don't have the spare time to learn.

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