Tuesday, April 24, 2012

All it takes is an idea...

I'm not sure if any of you have heard me say this but,....


All my niece needed to do was repin something to bake, and I was off to the races this morning.
I shouldn't be baking, today is "cleaning lady day", and I need to be pre-decluttering! oh well.
Here is a photo of the pin, easy, peasy...I can do this with my eyes closed, or can I..


DOH, no chocolate chip cookie dough, I was just at the store yesterday. I'll just use the leftover smores cookie dough from last week...but peanut butter with that, na...just the brownie mix...

but I don't have enough cookie dough for the rest of the brownie mix,
sugar cookie dough in freezer, 
but that'll be plain, now add the candy, let's try Almond joy, Reeses peanut butter cup and Rollos,
now on with the Brownie batter,

Run out of Brownie batter, make more...
oh no, now extra Brownie batter, 
put it in cupcake wrappers and top with a non peril.
Phew, get all that...that's how my baking goes sometimes...
and hour and a half later...I need a little rest before it's on to the decluttering...

I'll post pictures of the finished products to Facebook & Pinterest, of course :D

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