Friday, September 2, 2011

They can't all be masterpieces!

I believe part of the reason people THINK I'm a good cook/baker is because I have tenacity. I am relentless when it comes to getting a recipe right, tweaking it so it fits my needs of being easily recreated. I prefer NOT to use every gadget,pan, bowl and cooking utensil I have thank you very much. Oh don't get me wrong, I have tried those recipes where you have to forage the health food, veggie, and spice store looking for that very special ingredient. It's like where is waldo sometimes. I have literally felt like I was on a scavenger hunt. Those recipes are NOT FOR ME! I have a tendency to try and tweak a lot of baking to include "cake mix". What? It's faster, and when I'm raring to go in the morning, start the coffee and commence to baking something wonderful that will be ready before a son has to go to school (so he can enjoy it for breakfast)...cake mix it is. I apologize to all my sugar free friends, but it's just my opinion

and sometime, it's in the editing...

With all of that in mind, the enclosed are not the most beautiful pictures, but it sure was tasty. I feel, that's what it really is all about, isn't it?

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  1. Looks pretty darn beautiful to me, Suzi! Keep up the good work!